Introducing our Site Revamp and Main Website, Technology With Aaron!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for your continued viewership and support toward this page.

We are proud to announce that this site is a subsidiary site of Technology With Aaron. Our new website will contain latest reviews on various technology and IT gadgets, experiences, tips and knowledge for everyone to learn and gain.

You may visit our main site at

This site will still be maintained by the same great team (i.e. me. lol),  and will have updated content as the time comes.

However, as a result of the launch of our main page, the content of these pages will be MOVED to our new site

  1. How to choose a notebook/tablet
  2. Which computer manufacturer is most reliable?

Fret not though! Clicking on the new links is still FREE (and will remain that way). Once the affected content has been fully migrated, the links will be prominent and easy to access from the quick links above.

This change will allow us to update these useful content better in future, and let us serve you better 🙂

Oh. And another big change. This website has undergone a tiny redesign so it looks cleaner, Loads faster and most important of all, make content easier to access. At the same time, it allows us to “Unify” both websites and ensure that your website experience will be consistently good on both wesbites.

This redesign is still a work in progress though, and we will announce when the redesign is complete.

We hope you will love the upcoming changes to our websites. Feel free to feedback to us about what you think about the new design!

Cheers and have a great week! Wishing an Advanced Happy National Day to Singapore! #SG50


Chief Editor of SP Notebook Reviews and Technology With Aaron

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