SP Notebook Reviews 2016 – Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (2016)

This is the last model of Notebook that SP has offered to its students to buy this year. So, we are going to take a look at this model without further ado to finish this series.

Unfortunately, although this model is even more expensive that the Lenovo Yoga 700/900, you will not only lose the laptop to tablet convertible feature (via the 360 degree hinge), but also have a less sharp screen than the yoga 900. The lenovo thinkpad also skimps on having a dedicated graphics card, which means games and graphics intensive apps won’t run smoothly on it.

However, this is the lightest laptop model offered by SP, being only at 1.17kg!

However, in my opinion, users might be just paying more for the Thinkpad brand name. True, the build quality (outside finish) feels more solid and it is lighter, but is it worth the loss of features/specs? This is a question that most users have to ask themselves.

To us, we feel that it is not worth it to pay simply for a brand name. We still would recommend the Lenovo Yoga 700 if you use graphics intensive apps/games, or the Yoga 900 if you want the convertible (laptop to tablet) feature.

But, if you really need to have the ultimate lightest laptop, the thinkpad is still a good choice from SP!

Take a look at our scorecard of the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon below:


And with that, we have reviewed ALL the laptops offered by SP today! we hope we have helped you to choose that perfect notebook for your poly studies, and have a blast in poly! 😀

Keep a lookout for our performance summary of all the Laptops offered by SP for purchase this year as well. This summary would allow you to quickly see which laptop offers the best performance, and may aid you in choosing the best notebook that suits your needs as well.



Chief Editor of SP Notebook Reviews and AaronTechTips

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