SP Notebook Reviews 2016 – DELL Ultrabook XPS 13

This is the 7th laptop model that we are reviewing as part of our SP Notebook reviews for 2016.

This laptop from dell (The Dell XPS 13), offers extremely good portability, at 1.29 kg. It has a very sharp display (QHD+ resolution), and uses an SSD as well

While it does not have a dedicated graphics card, it uses Intel IRIS Graphics 540, which has rather good performance comparable to the graphics cards offered by Nvida. It’s performance is comparable to the Nvida 930m or 940m

However, a few apps may run better on laptops with NVIDA graphics as the apps are optimized to run on the more established graphics card brands (e.g. nvida graphics card). Thus, even though the Intel IRIS graphics beats the performance of their dedicated graphics card counterparts, your mileage might vary a bit, depending on the app or game you are using.

If you do require an NVIDA graphics card, be sure to check out the ASUS UX303 or Lenovo Yoga 700 as well!

Our Scorecard for the DELL XPS13 is below:Slide8.JPG

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