SP Notebook Reviews 2016: ASUS X550 (2016) – EDITORS CHOICE (NOTEBOOK CATEGORY)

SP is offering Asus, Lenovo and DELL Laptops (A total of 13 Models) for SP students.

In this post, we take a look at the ASUS X550.

This year, I am happy to announce the Asus X550, as our Editors choice for Laptops offered by SP in the Notebook Category. It offers a SSD, high performance graphics card and lots of ram for a good price. It even comes with the 1 TB External HDD (Which seems to standard freebies for all SP Notebooks this year)

The only downside is that this laptop is quite heavy compared to the rest, but we think it’s a good price to pay if you require excellent performance for less 🙂


Cheers, and keep a look out for the upcoming posts of our reviews for the other notebooks


Chief Editor for #AaronTechTips and SP Notebook Reviews 🙂

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