Updates to this site

Hi Everyone, unfortunately, due to study time constraints (Uni’s takes another level of commitment), I am not able to assess which are the best value for money notebooks at the current time.
However, My Site, #TechWithAaron, will continue to give latest Tech news and guidance to help YOU to choose a better notebook.

Also, at the same time, i changed by #techWithAaron Website url (So it’s easier to type for everyone).
However, this means that some weblinks here may stop working.

This includes the “How to choose the perfect and reliable computing device – By #TechWithAaron)”
To access my weblink, use the below url. I will try to resolve the remaining issues after finals (Perhaps by end may)


I wish you all the best in your Life in SP – Enjoy while you can 🙂

Cheers! #TechWIthAaron


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