SP Notebook Reviews 2016- (UPDATED) DELL Latitude E5570

In our 5th part of our notebook reviews for laptops offered by SP this year, we take a look at the DELL Latitude E5570.

Sadly, Dell has disappointed us this year with the offering of this laptop. This laptop has a graphics card that is ONLY MARGINALLY BETTER than the integrated graphics. This means that while it performs a tiny bit better than the ultrabooks with Intel HD graphics, it will only provide a gaming experience that is only a tiny bit better, but have worse battery life and be heavier than the ultrabooks and weighs 2.2 kg!

Update: According to Ren Jie (in the comments),  there has been a typo on the Brochures and SP Website. This laptop is Coming with the AMD R7 M370, and not the R7 M360. If this is the case, this makes this laptop a great buy for its price due to its powerful graphics capabilities. However, do note it only has a HD ready screen, which movie buffs and serious gamers may not want to have. In addition, since it is a 15.6″ Notebook, it weighs 2.2kg, which may bother those looking to carry the lightest notebook around. For such users, you may want to consider the Lenovo Yoga 700 instead.

Please check and ensure that this laptop indeed has the AMD R7 M370 before buying!

I would recommend you check out the other laptop models as well, such as the ASUS X550 from SP instead, and see which laptop suits you the best!

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2 thoughts on “SP Notebook Reviews 2016- (UPDATED) DELL Latitude E5570

  1. Hi, I am one of the proud owners of the Dell Latitude E5570 from the SP Roadshow.
    I would like to mention that this review is laced with many inconsistencies and incorrect information.

    From the graphic:
    – 1366×768 HD resolution, NOT Full HD 1920×1080
    – R7 M370, NOT R7 M360 (I know all poly sites list as M360, even Gain City’s NYP brochure was misprinted. All the other polytechnics has the correct model number as M370 in the brochure which is what i see in my device manager and catalyst control centre.

    Even so, R7 M360 performed slightly worse than GT930M but not so much for a justification that ‘it performs a tiny bit better than the ultrabooks with Intel HD graphics, it will only provide a gaming experience that is only a tiny bit better’. On Average, it is an average fps difference of 2-4fps which is rather minimal to the human eye.

    Also, 2.2kg is not very heavy, considering the form factor of 15.6inch, the weight has been more evenly distributed. It is unfair to cross compare ultrabooks with this notebook as it isn’t meant to be an ultrabook in the first place. This is a business class notebook that boasts durability (I haven’t seen any part of your review talking about the pros of this), having a build of scrap carbon fiber and polycarbonate.

    Also, just to highlight on the pros of this device in short:
    – VGA port (almost non-existent in many other models, less cumbersome to bring an adapter in the event of presentations, many places still run with legacy VGA instead of HDMI)
    – Vents, bottom and on the left to allow heat dissipation. Device is cool at area along the touchpad and on the keyboard, Warm air is emitted at about 40+ degrees from the left vent while doing tasks like browing the net or using Microsoft Office.
    – Even spread of ports, allows for an uncluttered access to USB/etc. ports, say no more to scratching your head on how to remove any of the ports when one is attached
    – Keyboard. Simply fantastic, deep enough for adequate feedback, comfortable for typing for long periods of time.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ren Jie, great to hear your feedback!

      This is the first time i face spec misprints, which i would thus correct on my website shortly.
      SP Notebook reviews is dedicated to giving as accurate a review as possible, but because we do not get to physically try and test all models, we will miss such typo errors, (esp. since the SP website indicated the wrong GPU), a few spec details (that arent indicated in the brochure), and will not be able to rate the physical feel of the laptop, as much as we would like to. (e.g. the use of premium carbon fibre materials, or the tactile feel of keyboard).

      This was also the reason why we made the error of indicating this laptop had a FULL HD screen, when in fact it only has a HD Ready screen in it. There were variants of this laptop model with Full HD screens floating around :/

      Moreover, we can’t comment on the ports on every notebook offered in SP because each laptop model can vary, and since we don’t have a physical look at the SP notebook model, there can be alot of inaccuracy when we try to guess what ports will be available on every laptop.

      As such, we always try to keep the notebook review based on spec performance.

      You are somewhat right about the GPU performance comparison between AMD and Intel Graphics when it comes to real world performance. Beteen R7 M360 and Intel HD Graphics, when playing F1 2014 on ultra settings, the R7 is able to perform around 45% faster than the intel card.

      BUT based on GPU scores (which usually tests the raw performance of the GPU, since games can be optimized to run better on certain graphics cards), the R7 M360 only outperformed the Intel HD graphics by 16%, which i think is not very substantial a gain to performance. This is because when you’re really running apps like autocad or other graphics heavy apps, i don’t think you’ll be able to see that direct 45% improvement. Instead, maybe it’ll be 20-30% faster. Your mileage will vary based on the app you are using. Considering the additional usage of power drawn from the graphics card, it would be wiser to stick to laptop with better GPU built in the the M360. As such i am happy to hear that the laptop they are selling is the M370 because that card is a much, much faster card than the M360. 🙂

      Cheers and thanks for reading our website! 🙂

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