SP Notebook Reviews – DELL Vostro 14 5459

In the 6th review of the laptops offered by SP this year, we take a look at the Dell Vostro 14 5459.

This laptop did not disappoint as much as the earlier dell model which we reviewed. Unfortunately, compared to the rest of the laptop models, it lags behind because It only has a HDD, which is much much slower than an SSD. This means your apps and games will take a much longer time to load compared to your friends with laptops equipped with an SSD.

Thus, while this laptop has decent market pricing, we have to recommend that SP students look at other laptop models instead if they want the best performance (or portability) for their money

You can take a look at our score card for the Dell Vostro 14″ 5459 Below:Vostro Update.jpg


2 thoughts on “SP Notebook Reviews – DELL Vostro 14 5459

  1. Hi! The Vostro that Dell provides for SP students has a FULL HD display, it is being stated on their notebook PC corner page and physical booth. Hope it helps other SP students!

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