SP Notebook Reviews 2016: ASUS ROG G501

This is the 4th laptop model we will be reviewing from SP’s laptop offerings.

This year, SP Students are offered the Asus ROG G501. The ASUS ROG series is a premium series of laptops designed primarily for Gamers.

This laptop offers the BEST graphics prowess of all the laptops offered by SP. With its Nvida 960m Graphics, be prepared to immerse yourself with very fast and good graphics experiences, be it in games or when doing graphics intensive work (e.g. video editing and autocad)

Unfortunately, this laptop only uses a HDD for storage of your operating system and games. Compared to an SSD, this will make games and the operating system as a whole feel very slow.

Thus, we can’t really recommend this laptop to anyone because of this huge setback. Gamers, we recommend you get a laptop with good CPU, graphics card and an SSD for the ultimate gaming performance.

Do take a look at this laptop’s performance report card below!


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