Announcement: Site redesign complete!

Hi everyone!

Thank you for reading my pages and articles.
I am pleased to announce that SP Notebook Reviews has been successfully redesigned to what you see today.

This was the previous design of this website.


However, as time passes, we wanted our website to have a cleaner interface. A website that looked cleaner, loaded faster and has a similar design to our new Main site, Technology with Aaron.  

As such, we have redesigned our website to what you can see today. It loads faster, feels fresher and more importantly, allows us to serve you with better content!

The following pages have been updated and moved from this website to Technology with Aaron. The updated links have been reflected on the header above as well (as How to choose the perfect and reliable computing device – By #TechWithAaron), so not to worry!

  1. How to Choose your perfect computing device
  2. Which Laptop/Tablet Manufacturer is most reliable?

We hope you will enjoy our updated content on both websites. Have any feedback/comments? Leave it at the comments below! Thanks for reading! 🙂


Chief Editor of Technology with Aaron and SP Notebook Reviews 😉


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