SP Notebook Reviews 2016 – Lenovo Yoga 700 (EDITORS CHOICE – ULTRABOOK CATEGORY)

This year, we are happy to announce the Lenovo Yoga 700 as our Editors choice for Ultrabooks offered by SP for year 2016!

For its price, you get a laptop to tablet convertible (via its 360 degree hinge), as well as an SSD and a good performance graphics card as well. In all, This allows the Lenovo Yoga 700 to steal the crown from the ASUS UX303, which offers the same performance – but without the convertible feature

We feel the ability to convert the laptop to a tablet is a cool idea and feature as it allows you as a student to not have to buy a tablet as well – especially if you were planning to buy one. You can use it as a presentation aid as well by converting it to the ‘stand’ mode.

Further it is actually quite light at 1.6kg as well! If your budget is tight though, you can check out other models offered by SP, or check with outside vendors as well to find a better fit.

Take a look at our scorecard for the Lenovo Yoga 700 below:


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