SP Notebook Reviews 2016- (UPDATED) DELL Latitude E5570

In our 5th part of our notebook reviews for laptops offered by SP this year, we take a look at the DELL Latitude E5570.

Sadly, Dell has disappointed us this year with the offering of this laptop. This laptop has a graphics card that is ONLY MARGINALLY BETTER than the integrated graphics. This means that while it performs a tiny bit better than the ultrabooks with Intel HD graphics, it will only provide a gaming experience that is only a tiny bit better, but have worse battery life and be heavier than the ultrabooks and weighs 2.2 kg!

Update: According to Ren Jie (in the comments),  there has been a typo on the Brochures and SP Website. This laptop is Coming with the AMD R7 M370, and not the R7 M360. If this is the case, this makes this laptop a great buy for its price due to its powerful graphics capabilities. However, do note it only has a HD ready screen, which movie buffs and serious gamers may not want to have. In addition, since it is a 15.6″ Notebook, it weighs 2.2kg, which may bother those looking to carry the lightest notebook around. For such users, you may want to consider the Lenovo Yoga 700 instead.

Please check and ensure that this laptop indeed has the AMD R7 M370 before buying!

I would recommend you check out the other laptop models as well, such as the ASUS X550 from SP instead, and see which laptop suits you the best!

SPNotebook reviews2c.jpg

SP Notebook Reviews 2016: ASUS ROG G501

This is the 4th laptop model we will be reviewing from SP’s laptop offerings.

This year, SP Students are offered the Asus ROG G501. The ASUS ROG series is a premium series of laptops designed primarily for Gamers.

This laptop offers the BEST graphics prowess of all the laptops offered by SP. With its Nvida 960m Graphics, be prepared to immerse yourself with very fast and good graphics experiences, be it in games or when doing graphics intensive work (e.g. video editing and autocad)

Unfortunately, this laptop only uses a HDD for storage of your operating system and games. Compared to an SSD, this will make games and the operating system as a whole feel very slow.

Thus, we can’t really recommend this laptop to anyone because of this huge setback. Gamers, we recommend you get a laptop with good CPU, graphics card and an SSD for the ultimate gaming performance.

Do take a look at this laptop’s performance report card below!


SP Notebook Reviews 2016: ASUS Zenbook UX303 (2016)

In the third part of our review for laptops offered by SP, we review the Asus Zenbook UX303.

Even though it is supposed to be the ‘less premium’ model of ultrabooks made by Asus, we prefer this model over it’s bigger brother as it is cheaper, and yet offers more graphics card power for your gaming or application needs.

It has been priced very well and competitively compared to outside market pricing.

Unfortunately this was not enough for Asus to win in our Ultrabook notebook category this year, as Lenovo has managed to provide an ultrabook which offers similar performance, plus the ability to transform from a laptop to a ‘hybrid-tablet’ with it’s innovative hinge.

You can see our report card for the Asus Zenbook UX303 below:Slide4.JPG

SP Notebook Reviews 2016: ASUS UX305 (2016)

This is the second part of our review for laptops and computers offered by SP this year (2016).

Unfortunately, the new version of the ASUS UX305 (which won our Editors choice award for best ultrabook back in 2015), has become one of the poorest performing in terms of performance vs value as it skimps on having a dedicated graphics card, which is essential if you are doing graphics intensive work such as video editing, autocad or games.

Furthermore, we find that the pricing of this model is way above the average market selling price of the laptop! This laptop is selling for a price way more than when it was offered in the last IT Show (sited 2015). Definitely a bad idea to buy this from SP!

I recommend though, that you look at the Asus UX303 or Lenovo YOGA 700 ultrabook instead, as they both offer better performance (graphics wise). The Lenovo Yoga 700 has took over the crown in the ultrabook category as it beats the competition with its ability to transform from a laptop, to a tablet (via its 360 degree hinge)!

You can take a look at our review card of the Asus UX305 here:Slide3.JPG

SP Notebook Reviews 2016: ASUS X550 (2016) – EDITORS CHOICE (NOTEBOOK CATEGORY)

SP is offering Asus, Lenovo and DELL Laptops (A total of 13 Models) for SP students.

In this post, we take a look at the ASUS X550.

This year, I am happy to announce the Asus X550, as our Editors choice for Laptops offered by SP in the Notebook Category. It offers a SSD, high performance graphics card and lots of ram for a good price. It even comes with the 1 TB External HDD (Which seems to standard freebies for all SP Notebooks this year)

The only downside is that this laptop is quite heavy compared to the rest, but we think it’s a good price to pay if you require excellent performance for less 🙂


Cheers, and keep a look out for the upcoming posts of our reviews for the other notebooks


Chief Editor for #AaronTechTips and SP Notebook Reviews 🙂

Update for Academic Year 2016 NOW AVAILABLE!


** PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT AND/OR INFORM US OF ANY MISTAKES/ERRORS IN OUR REVIEW. We will be happy to amend any errors or mistakes. Thanks!  **

First of all, congrats for getting a place in SP! In SP you’ll most likely need to get a computing device of your choice, be it a notebook or tablet (or a hybrid mix of both? 😛 )

The question is, which computing device should you buy, and from where should you buy that perfect computer that would suit your needs? There are many places to buy a computer from, and plenty of computer models to choose from. You can buy from SP, and you can also buy from your nearby electronics stores (such as courts/harvey norman), or even buy it from the Upcoming IT Show!

We are here to help you to choose the perfect computing device. Our reviews for SP Notebooks will be updated here within the next few weeks (or days!). In addition, our 9-Part series on choosing your perfect computing device (hosted on our main site, Tech With Aaron), will also be updated in due time, to help you choose that perfect computing device!

Thus, Do bookmark this page and stay tuned for updates. 🙂

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Reviews for Notebooks offered by SP for Academic Year 2015 Now Available!!

**UPDATE: As this post has been archived for 2015 usage, a copy of the page above has been copied over here for reference instead (the old link will still be active though)**


Hello Everyone!

As promised, I have completed my review for the Notebooks offered by SP For academic year 2015. The content can be accessed by the tabs above (SP Recommended Notebook Reviews (2015), or by clicking this link:

SP recommended Notebooks Reviews (2015)

If you would like me to do a Performance Comparison of each Laptop offered by SP, do write in the comments below, or email me at notebookchooser@gmail.com to let me know.

I would also like to inform students that they can check out the IT Show 2015, which is held on 19-22 March 2015 at Suntec City, Halls 4 – 6, if they would like to scout for better deals or choose another laptop which is not offered by the school. These laptops (which are bought outside SP) can be configured from the comfort of your home. Just check out the SP Notebook corner to find out how to do so! You can access brochures from all computer manufacturers (distributed in the IT Show) via this link: IT Show 2015 Brochures.

You may email or comment below if you need any help in choosing a notebook outside poly! (e.g. anywhere from the IT Show 🙂 ) 

Oh, and please help me by sharing this website with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc so they also can benefit and choose a laptop which they would love to use in the next few years of their poly life! 🙂

Cheers, and all the best to your next few years in Singapore Polytechnic!

Aaron – Chief Editor of SP Notebook Reviews Website

Email me at: notebookchooser@gmail.com


In this page, you will find reviews of the many different notebooks offered by SP (for academic year 2015), and a comparison of the notebooks specs.

The prices of laptops offered by SP for academic year 2015 are also reflected here, and are accurate as of 18/3/2015, 12:35am Singapore Time. PDF Version of SP Website with pricing is listed as proof here: Notebook PC Corner _ Singapore Polytechnic 18 March 2015

Notebook Feature Overviews

To compare price, we will compare price and specs with other similar computers, and original selling price of the computer selected.

Let’s start off with the top computers i would recommend students to get from the SP Roadshow. As much as i do not want to award both editor choices to the same manufacturer and supplier, this time round, i will have to do so as they have provided value for money options for Asus notebooks. Kudos to them! 🙂


Moving on to Fujitsu, i have cannot recommend this laptop as it is expensive, and only has a slow graphics card and only has a SSHD Drive.


Meanwhile, the DELL Inspirion 7447 is a good cheaper alternative to the Asus X550SP, for users who want a smaller and slightly lighter laptop. however, it does not have a SSD installed, so application loading times will be slower. I would still recommend the Asus X550SP if you have the budget.


Moving on to the DELL XPS13, I also cannot recommend this laptop as it gives slow graphics performance for the money. The Asus Zenbook UX303 by SP gives better value for money in this case.


As for the DELL Precision M3800, this should only be bought by to niche users who need workstation graphics. Otherwise, this would prove to be a very expensive option which provides average graphics performance. For mainstream users, the Asus X550 SP is a cheaper and better option.


As for the Lenovo thinkpad E440, it caters to most users, with it’s decent graphics performance. But i would not be able to recommend this because for the price, the Asus X550 SP will give much better graphics performance and application loading times. I feel that students would be unnecessarily paying more for the Thinkpad brand here.


The Lenovo Yoga 3 is a convertible laptop is quite worth it, considering that the market price for this is quite expensive. However,  if you don’t need this functionality, you can consider other models which can provide better graphics performance. The Yoga 3 has quite a slow graphics card and only has a SSHD.


Another alternative notebook that all SP students can consider is the Lenovo Y50-70. It provides students with Nvida 860M Graphics card, which puts the other laptops (including the Dell Precision) to shame in terms of performance. It’s quite worth the money. However, as it only comes with a SSHD drive, application loading times may be a bit slow.


However, i cannot recommend the lenovo thinkpad X1 Carbon as for the price you’re paying, you will get very poor graphics performance. On the plus side though, it has an SSD installed so application loading times should be quite fast. It is also quite light. So again, in my opinion, students are paying more for the ThinkPad brand name. The Asus Zenbook UX303 would satisfy more students since it has a sharper display and has a more performant graphics card


The Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2 Tablet is sort of a compromise would fit niche users criteria. It is basically a tablet which can be docked to a keyboard to form a laptop. Impressed? Thats great! However, it has a slow processor and graphics card, so it’s not advisable for use if using for CAD work or graphics intensive applications (and gaming!). On the plus side though, you do get good battery life out of it. For the money, i find it an quite average pricing.

SO there we have it! My review for each laptop offered in the SP roadshow for academic year 2015. Any enquiries or burning questions? Comment below, or Email notebookchooser@gmail.com to get in touch!

Written by: Lerronx Y – Chief Editor of SP Notebook Reviews


ARCHIVED: The following links are for laptops offered in Academic Year 2014, for anyone’s usage (if required): https://spnotebookreviews.wordpress.com/2014/02/27/sp-laptop-performance-benchmarks/

Comparison of notebooks: SP Notebook (Academic Year 2014) Component Shootout!

1) Graphics Processing (2014), 2) Processor Power (2014),  3) Hard Drive Performance (2014)